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Love Intention Candle by The Saged Wick

Love Intention Candles

When you want something in life, your expressed desire is received by Higher Powers. Intention Candles are tools used to intensify, support, and carry your message. Each Intention Candle encompasses the basics. It's up to you to set the details of your desires.
Love is a universal term.
Whether you seek romantic love, self love, familial love, platonic love...

This candle will enhance and accentuate your desire's vibrational energy received by higher powers.
Love smells like a sweet minty rose and is dressed with:
12 oz. Coconut wax with crackling wood wick
Rosebud for Love
Calendula for Protection and Love
Lotus for Divine Inspiration
Black Tourmaline for Protection and Setting Boundaries
Moon Stone for Soothing Emotions
Rose Quartz for Love
Carnelian for Sexuality 

Made in the USA
No returns or exchanges

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